For some people, nothing beats the kind of cosy warmth and ambience that comes from a flickering wood fire. Wood fires can also provide a sense of independence from power and gas companies, plus a greater surety about heating costs.

Benefits of a wood fire:

  • The environment – compared with fossil fuels, wood is much more eco-friendly. Wood is a renewable resource, and sourcing wood locally reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Economics – Wood is a comparatively inexpensive heating option. A wood fire is ideal if you have a wood supply or, if you are able to source wood locally it can bring economic benefits to your community.
  • Efficiency –burning well-seasoned wood can give you up to twice the heat output as well as reduce emissions.
  • The ambience – nothing quite beats the coziness of a real wood fire or stove.
  • Works during a power outage!

Things to consider:

  • Placement – chimney/flue ducting
  • Freestanding or custom build
  • Wood availability and dry storage space
  • Cleaning / waste ash
  • Types of wood

Some brands we recommend: