If you’re going gas

Efficient gas fires, instant hot water, cosy central heating – no matter what you require – Precision’s qualified gasfitters are the specialists to call.

We can recommend the best solution for your needs, then supply and install the best gas appliance for the job.

We can also assist with safety checks and appliance servicing.

Gas Cooking

Gas cooking

Gas is far more responsive than other energies, providing instant heat and fingertip-control.

While using gas cooktops and ovens is simple for any level of chef, installation of a gas cooker is strictly a matter for the experts. Call Precision Group.

Gas Fire

Gas heating

Gas heating systems can be a single room installation or a central heating system that is ducted throughout your entire home. It is always important to get expert advice early on, to ensure you select a system that gives you safest and most economical solution. Our approved installers are experienced certifying gasfitters.

Hot Water Systems

Gas water heating

When a fast, reliable and economical hot water supply is the priority – it’s not surprising that gas water heating is a popular choice. Expert installation is always essential, so contact Precision Group for early advice and let us take the worry out of both the supply and full installation process.